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Shakey Bridge Sounds


Sounds recorded on or near the bridge


Sounds recorded on or near the bridge


Abigail Joffe


Abigail Joffe


May 2018 -


Abigail Joffe


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Sound recordings from the Shakey Bridge and vicinity

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The sound of the splash of water and cheers when a boy jumps off the bridge. Recorded on an H2 zoom

Shakey Sound Art Piece ( Rise & Fall) & Artist Description
A sound piece created from a recording of walking on the Shakey Bridge, Cork . The audio file has been layered up to multiple tracks in places and reverb added to give a sense of walking across and to represent the volume of people who pass over theā€¦

The Shake
Recording of the sound made when walking across The Shakey Bridge

Schoolchildren Crossing  Shakey Bridge 001
A recording of the hubbub of voices of a school group of primary children crossing The Shakey Bridge, Cork

Splash & Summer Soundscape Shakey Bridge 001 & 002
Soundscape from a May evening on the Shakey Bridge when a large group of teenagers gathered to jump off. In the recordings the splash of a swimmer jumping can be heard as well as cheers, background voices, birdsong , traffic and ambient sounds.

Rattling Padlock
The sound of a padlock locked to the bridge - a love memento, inscribed with the words "Wiebke & Viet'

Sundays at The Shakey 002 Nosie Keefe's
Lorraine Leahy describes her childhood Sundays at the park in the seventies, including avisit to Nosie Keefe's for ice cream

Sundays at The Shakey 003 Our Sunday Best
Lorraine describes the clothes she and her sister wore, all handmade by her mother who is a seamstress

American Boys
Two boys are jumping off the bridge calling out to a young American woman watchin
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