Welcome to Shakey Stories – a blog and digital sound archive that’s all about Daly’s Bridge in Cork, an iconic pedestrian suspension bridge that links the North and Southside of the city at Sunday’s Well and is known colloquially as The Shakey Bridge on account of the shake it makes as you cross it.

This project has come about as part of my Masters in Digital Humanities at UCC  and is an exploration of the soundscape and stories of The Shakey Bridge and their relationship to memory and identity.

If you’ve got a Shakey Story to share that could be included in the archive- be it an anecdote, sound, story, song, poem, piece of family history , a personal reflection or something physical like a photograph, video, drawing or newspaper cutting, please leave a comment below or contact me, Abigail at:


About The Author

Abigail Joffe is currently a masters student on the MA in Digital Arts & Humanities at UCC. She has a varied portfolio that includes: singer-songwriter, artist, amateur radio presenter, community education facilitator, Arts organiser and Recycling Ambassador. Her particular interest with this project is in exploring the soundscapes and stories of the city and their relationship to memory and identity and her radio shows and other Digital Humanities work can be found at abigailjoffe.org


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