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Abigail decribes locality and walking over bridge.mp3
Abigail describes the locality and the view from The Shakey Bridge

Walking from bridge to Sundays Well road.mp3
Abigail & Kieran walk the short distance from the relative peace and quiet of the bridge to traffic filled Sundays Well road

Ribbons flapping v2.mp3
File 001 is recording of the ribbons tied to the brisge, flapping in the wind.
In File 002 Abigail describes what she thinks about when she is on the bridge and the ribbons that are tied on to it .

American Boys.mp3
Two boys are jumping off the bridge calling out to a young American woman watchin

Splash Summer Sondscape 001.mp3
Soundscape from a May evening on the Shakey Bridge when a large group of teenagers gathered to jump off. In the recordings the splash of a swimmer jumping can be heard as well as cheers, background voices, birdsong , traffic and ambient sounds.
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