Kieran Hurley : A Walk Across the Bridge

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Kieran Hurley : A Walk Across the Bridge


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Kieran Hurley from UCC 98.3 FM reminisces on journeys made over the Shakey Bridge and his personal connection to it.


Abigail Joffe


Abigail Joffe


June 2018


Abigail Joffe
Kieran Hurley


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Abigail Joffe


Kieran Hurley UCC 98.3 FM


The Shakey Bridge, Cork city


Kieran Hurley : A Walk Across the Bridge
KH: I used to live in Sunday’s Well for years. I used to love walking across that bridge (sigh), I still do. I think everyone’s got a connection to it at some stage.
AJ: So you would have walked across it, like a few times a day?
KH: Yeah, I would, if I was gonna go home for lunch. Ahh, mostly in the mornings and it could be like half seven or eight in the morning and you’d see a fog or mist and eh there’s very few people around. It’s nice. You don’t really feel you’re connected to reality until you get to the Mardyke, then you feel the cars are around you and stuff.
AJ : Yeah there’s that sense of moving, cos there is something very significant about crossing over , isn’t there ?
KH: There’s something about being on water, moving over water, either on a boat … or a bridge. It makes you think about your position and where you are. Also, you’re a good height from the water, but the thing about it is you’re not completely disconnected like a bridge where you travel by car, where you don’t even know you are on a bridge sometimes. And the height, it’s not enough to terrify you, because a lot of the kids like you said, during the summer would jump off this, but it’s a good height, it’s a good challenge. I’d see a lot of kids when I was coming back and forth during the summertime, it’d be a rite of passage to be able to jump off the bridge and you’d see them kind of hanging onto the bridge but they’re outside and they’re being edged on by their friends to jump. It must be 20 feet easily I’d say.
AJ: Yeah . Any idea how deep the water is there?
KH: I couldn’t tell you, but it must be five or six feet anyways. I wouldn’t jump head first; a lot of people jump legs first and they kind of bomb in. I never seen anyone jump head first in because that would be unwise.
And then you see ‘em a week later and they’re on top of the rail and they’re jumping off and getting very brave, you know. But during the summer when the weather’s hot it’s a nice place to jump, there’s no real strong tides. Its relatively clean.

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